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VMS Leefa Signing Session a Hit!

Saturday, January 26 2013

The eagerly awaited second album by Abo El Leef, aka Super Leefa, has been officially released by NRP Music at a signing session and reveal event that took place at Virgin Megastores in City Stars, Cairo.

The contemporary social commentary singer held a signing and reveal event at Virgin Megastores, which was packed with some of Egypt’s most accredited music critics, and journalists, and was covered by various media platforms.

Super Leefa fans lined up in hundreds in the VMS and bought the CDs which was complemented with a giveaway bundle, before Leefa took to the stage and sang one of his tracks.

The event was also attended by NRP Music Director Karim El-Hamidi.

Super Leefa has confirmed in the press conference that: “the album’s release was delayed due to the countless efforts made by NRP Music to perfect the album, making sure that it appears in its best form in the market.”

El-Hamidy reiterated the message and said the release had to take place in the “proper timing; to assure that it picks up easily and there aren’t any external sociopolitical events affecting the release.”

“Khaleek Fel Nour Ya Amour” contains 12 songs composed by Egypt’s best music professionals. The lyrics were written by renowned lyricist and poet Ayman Bahgat Amar, and composed by Mohamed Yehya, and produced and arranged by Touma.